EFNI - European Forum for New Ideas

30 years of the Weimar Triangle. What tomorrow brings?

Thirty years ago, in the German city of Weimar, foreign affairs ministers of Poland, France and Germany signed a treaty regarding cooperation for the integration of the European Union. What role can these three nations play in the modern Europe? That’s only one of the questions we will try to answer during the X edition […]

Saxo Bank

Saxo Q3 Outlook: A European Revolution

“Liberté, égalité, fraternité was the most important slogan for the French revolutionists of the late 18th century. Now, once again there is a growing sense of a ‘Revolution in Europe’ as voters, especially the younger ones, are leaning hard against the status quo in many countries. All eyes are on the German election on 26 […]

Parker Hannifin

IoT systems herald new era of innovation for off-road machines

While IoT systems for off-road mobile machines have existed for several years and under different names, many equipment manufacturers can today offer connected solutions that take it to the next level by recommending or notifying machine operators how to maximise performance and longevity. Modern-day IoT solutions come with advanced functionality that includes remote diagnostics, over-the-air […]