Energy transformation in the retail industry: PV from ESOLEO soon on 750 roofs of the DINO store chain

Dino Poland is continuing its growth by focusing on energy independence and is investing in its own photovoltaic installations. The popular supermarket chain has signed a new agreement with ESOLEO, the renewable energy solutions provider belonging to the Polsat Plus Group. Now, PV micro-installations on the roofs of another 250 DINO stores across Polan will join the 500 solar power plants that, thanks to ESOLEO, already power the chain’s supermarkets throughout Poland. Ultimately, there are to be even more installations.

“It is private business that is driving the energy transition in Poland. By investing in renewable energy, companies not only cut costs and free themselves from unpredictable electricity prices, but also reduce the amount of CO2 emissions: the sun provides us with the true energy of freedom,” says Krzysztof DziaduszyƄski, Member of the Boad at ESOLEO. “Dino leads by an inspiring example responsibly taking the control over its electricity bills into its own hands, without waiting for others,” he adds.

ESOLEO carries out investments for Dino Poland through a multi-stage process aimed at ensuring that the installations take advantage of the characteristics of each building and that they are safe for long-term usage. Each project is tailored individually to the needs and technical conditions of the store in question. This consists of, among other things, an audit, which is carried out using drones.

The cooperation with DINO is yet another important project in ESOLEO’s portfolio, in addition to e.g. the 70 MWp photovoltaic farm in Brudzew, launched at the end of October 2021, which the Polsat Plus Group owned company build for the ZE PAK Group. It was the first such large-scale farm in Poland.

“Carrying out the energy transformation requires comprehensive renewable energy solutions – and ESOLEO provides them, from micro-installations for individual prosumers, through projects for companies on corporate buildings and land, to large-scale photovoltaic farms,” DziaduszyƄski sums up.

DINO Poland is among the fastest-growing chains of medium-sized grocery supermarkets in Poland – both in terms of the number of stores and sales revenue.