about us

Rechters is a communications and public relations consultancy that believes in strong advocacy founded on compelling content.

We have big agency and international experience with the flexibility of an independent firm that provides focused, active service to our Clients. Our preference is to get clarity on desired results and outcomes, as the basis for action, rather than rely on prescribed models or formulas.

Good communication makes for a better world. This is our fundamental belief, our credo and our motto.

Communication enables to understand somebody elses point of view or perspective. It brings together people, businesses, communities and nations. Hence our passion for advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Our professional roots are in journalism. This is the source of our focus on content as the foundation of a good story. Rechters’ founding partners offer our clients a dedicated, quality personal service.

We make use of the valuable experience we have gained over years of working for international entities. We understand the need for integrated communication, and are experienced in working across different media and a variety of disciplines.

We strive to create a place for Rechters to concentrate on what we do best without the distractions of bureaucracy or systems.

We aim to develop our business to provide a stimulating environment for other professionals to join us. The ambition is not to get big, but earn a solid reputation for being good at what we do, delivering results with long term impact on issues that matter.

Of course we would like to win a few awards and stand out in the industry. Our ambition over time is dedication to clients that share our beliefs and viewpoint on communication as a means to build understanding and mutual success.