Parker Hannifin

Parker Hose Assembly Manufacturer certificate for TECHMAK for thermoplastic hose assemblies up to 4000 bar

TECHMAK, the official distributor of Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, in Poland, received the “Parker Hose Assembly Manufacturer for thermoplastic hose assemblies up to 4000 bar” certificate. It signifies production boost and certification of high-pressure hoses with a maximum operating pressure of 4000 bar. TECHMAK is the first Parker distributor in Poland that offers hose crimping at such a high-pressure range.

Until recently, both distributors and customers have been obliged to source high-pressure hose assemblies produced in Germany by the Parker Polyflex division. The process was time-consuming and rather limiting in terms of the possibility of adjusting the parameters of the ordered products to individual needs. Now, thanks to the rapid manufacturing, crimping, testing and certification of high-pressure hoses of any length and specification (with all activities take place in Poland), TECHMAK offers flexible support to individual customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The certificate obtained by TECHMAK is the only authorization to manufacture this type of hoses. Thus, the hose operating pressure can reach up to 4000 bar; each test performed at the test stand enables the issue of an authorization for any hose ordered by the customer. Ultra-high-pressure hoses manufactured this way can be used; for example, in hydraulic tools, waterjet cutters for steel, plastics, ceramics or concrete, cleaning in corrosion protection processes, cleaning of airport runways, as well as in the power generation and heating industry or during tests of diesel engines in injector testing systems.

“Obtaining the certification was not an easy task as the whole procedure lasted several months. A number of requirements relating to the process of high-pressure hose manufacture had to be met,” says inż. Piotr Maćkowiak, product manager at TECHMAK. “These included having a certified test stand for testing high-pressure hoses and accessories for the pre-assembly, marking, cleaning and securing of hoses, as well as possession of a specialist machine for hose crimping and a product storage.”

As indicated by Piotr Maćkowiak, the in-house trained technical staff, responsible for testing and hose certification, largely contributed to TECHMAK obtaining the certificate.

Thanks to the Parker Hose Assembly Manufacturer certificate, TECHMAK is the only distributor of Parker Hannifin products in Poland to offer fast crimping of hydraulic hoses for the pressure range of 4000 bar. Hydraulic hoses are assembled for immediate delivery with the use of Parker components according to the needs of the customer, which guarantees top quality and durability of the product.TECHMAK has been cooperating with Parker Hannifin for 25 years, offering connectors, industrial and mobile hydraulic products, and pneumatic products. Currently, apart from the headquarters in Leszno, the company also has a branch in Zielona Góra. The UHP thermoplastic hose production centre is another service initiative of the Polish distributor, following the currently operating Hose Assembly Centre and the Hose Doctor – 24-hour mobile technical emergency service with a main focus of quick, on-site repairs, eliminating high downtime costs.