Remunera International SA is continuing its global expansion and has launched Remunera Polska in Poland

Remunera International SA is continuing its global expansion and has partnered with the WASA Group of Czech Republic to establish Remunera Polska in Poland. Set to launch its advanced digital services in the fall of 2015, the new company will provide various employee benefit services to companies and government organizations in the areas of corporate meal/food, culture, gifts, incentives, sports and leisure, and others.

Poland is one of the largest economies in Europe with a labor force of 18mil. The prepaid employee benefits market is expected to have a high growth potential in Poland, which has a favorable tax framework that encourages employers to provide social employee benefits in the areas of meals/food, gifts, sports, culture, vacations, etc. In addition to a favorable tax framework, there is a noticeable trend in Poland of corporations recognizing the importance of employee motivation and loyalty as a key factor for employee retention and productivity. This understanding leads corporations to willingly deploy various employee benefits programs to increase employee loyalty and motivation. Remunera recognizes the potential for employee benefits in Poland and has therefore entered the market in partnership with the WASA Group.

Remunera Polska will commence operations with a main office in Warsaw and a field office in Katowice. The service will launch with an already existing network of thousands of food and supermarket merchants as well as several thousands of beneficiaries.

Remunera International SA General Manager Mr. Levy Cohen said “We are continuing the expansion of our services in more countries and are proud to launch our first operational subsidiary in Europe. We are very excited to partner with the WASA Group, which already has an impressive presence in Poland and Slovakia as well as vast experience running employee benefits programs in these locations. We consider the Polish market a very important market for us due to its size and growth potential.”

W.A.S.A.-Group founder Libor Danek, said: “We think that the new partnership with Remunera International is a great opportunity for both companies to leverage our unique strengths and become the leader in B2B payments, especially in Eastern & Central Europe. I believe with our knowledge of the local markets and Remunera’s global experience and sophisticated technology platform we are very well positioned to significantly expand our presence in these markets”.

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Remunera, a Luxemburg based company, is a pioneering global provider of innovative, advanced payment and management solutions for organizations that allocate funds for employee benefits, mainly corporate meals and fuel. The global B2B prepaid funds market is estimated at €500bn a year, of which corporate meals comprise a €70bn annual market in 60 countries. Remunera is active in Corporate Meal Services, Corporation Fuel services, Government Social Welfare markets and operates services via subsidiaries in Japan, Poland and Israel.

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WASA Group is operating various businesses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. WASA’s primary focus is prepaid corporate and government services. Its other areas of activity include designing and producing playgrounds, sport and fitness facilities, development of an Art Nouveau hotel and other various other development projects.