EFNI - European Forum for New Ideas

Let’s talk about #WhatTomorrowBrings at the European Forum for New Ideas in Sopot, between 25th and 27th of September 2019

We shape our future with the choices we make today. Each one of us, as a citizen or entrepreneur, has an impact on #WhatTomorrowBrings.

What decisions should we make for just, safe and prosperous tomorrow?

We meet with those who care about answering those question in Sopot during the European Forum for New Ideas, an event organized since 2011 by Confederation Lewiatan in association with BusinessEurope and the city of Sopot.

Each year EFNI is attended by the representatives of international business, government and NGOs. During the nine years since its conception, EFNI became an important landmark on the business map of Central Europe. Majority of the participants are leaders who, in their day to day life, feel responsible for themselves as well as those around them.

But EFNI is something more than just another business conference – together we seek for the solutions to the problems of the modern world, intertwining business, politics and social issues. Over a thousand recommendations and conclusions from the discussion held at EFNI had been passed on to the administration of the European Union, governments of the member states, NGOs and media.

Last year EFNI hosted in Sopot over 1,5 thousand participants and over 200 panelists.

The world doesn’t have to be the way it is now.

During this year’s edition, titled #WhatTomorrowBrings, we will face the challenges of the modern world waiting for all of us. We will discuss them in three thematic blocks: “Europe and society”, “Market and economy” and “Technology and employment”. The topics will vary from the Brexit and the future of the EU after the European Elections, to fake news, international trade, industry 5.0, public health and changes in the labour market.

Join us in Sopot, between 25th and 27th of September. Every voice matters!