Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce

Celebration of Polish business in Tel-Aviv

Cosmetics, food products, furniture – Polish goods from these industries already have established reputation all over the world. Now it is time that these products could exist on the Israeli market.

Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce has organized together with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of RP in Tel-Aviv a conference – Poland’s Best Sellers on 23rd of November 2016, in Israel. The main purpose of the event, were B2B meetings for Polish entrepreneurs interested in the Israeli market and their potential partners from Israel. Business meetings were organized by us in a very close cooperation with the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. The priority was to match companies in terms of business activity.

The conference was attended by 120 Israeli businessmen interested in a cooperation with Poland. Each of Polish companies have held several meetings in a single day.

Israeli consumers already know that Polish cosmetic and food products as well as furniture – are excellent quality and they are looking for them – hence so huge interest in B2B meetings between Israeli distributors and Polish producers. The Israeli market creates also many business opportunities for Polish companies – it is a window for trade with Asia for them.

Now, it is a time for the development of cooperation between Poland and Israel – it was emphasizing by all participants of the meeting.

The phenomenon of the huge potential in economic relations between Poland and Israel, underlines the fact that this is the first conference, which was attended by the Ambassador of the RP to Israel, Mr. Jacek Chodorowicz and the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the RP, Ms. Anna Azari.

The special guest of the conference was the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Ms. Jadwiga Emilewicz. Presentation of the Ministry of Development, showing Polish research and development capabilities, has positively surprised the Israeli audience, although – as the Minister admitted – she had a high competition in the form of a view for the Mediterranean Sea and surfers emerging from the window of a conference room at the Herods hotel. But this is Israel – business in the Mediterranean atmosphere.